Here I Am a heart-felt, intimate look at the remarkable life of Denny Doherty, actor, songwriter and lead singer for super-group, The Mamas and the Papas. It’s a first-person story as big as the Sixties brought to life with Denny’s inimitable humor, compassion and truth. A string of musical gems help document the journey including mega hits like California Dreamin’ and new- found recordings by Denny and some of his closest friends, including Scott McKenzie, Barry McGuire and MacKenzie Phillips.

“The burst of energy that was The Mamas & The Papas was like a sun and Denny a planet orbiting it. By turns he was obsessed with this great adventure and desperate to escape its gravitational pull… and that is the heart of our story”.
– Paul Ledoux, long time friend, collaborator, Writer/Director

“Here I Am perfectly captures the actor/singer’s generosity, love of life, and unquenchable talent, all in the midst of turbulent times, both personal and global”
– Ron Foley MacDonald, Artistic Director Atlantic Film Festival

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